Hope in Unity

was developed to support Black elders who have or is experiencing social isolation, loneliness, vulnerable and those who have been diagnosed with the early stages of Dementia.
We started in July 2013 due to the lack of provision in the community for black elders and we currently operate 2 days a week with the intention of offering additional days in the near future

Aims & Objectives

Hope In Unity operates on a Christian ethos without discrimination in an ethically guided environment that is supportive. Our reputation is built on trust, integrity, frankness and fairness demonstrated with open and transparent communication and processes. Our service will value and treat each individual equally with respect and dignity embracing differences and encouraging and inspiring learning.


To provide Black elders with relevant and up to date information on any changes to policy or Welfare Reform that may affect their current lifestyle.


To provide a 1:1 confidential information, advice and support service


To provide a befriending service to encourage social interaction reducing social isolation and loneliness.


For Black elders to have a voice in the community influencing change in local policy decisions

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