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All activities undertaken are decided by a voting system, allowing the elders to have a voice in how the service is shaped to meet their specific needs.

We aim to be as sustainable as we can with the ingredients used throughout our activities

Stay more connected

Create new Friendship

Reduce Social Isolation

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Some Activities we do together

Music therapy (Steel Pan lessons)

This helps to improve memory, hand and eye coordination, build confidence and self-esteem and learn the importance of working together as a team.

Movie Mornings

Service users take a vote to decide which movie they wish to watch each month.

Day trips

Twice a year we visit historical places to learn and explore more about British history. Join us and enjoy the experience of a new city and what it has to offer.

Mosaic Design

Designing and making bespoke pieces using broken tiles, beads, coloured stones. This helps with improving concentration, cognitive thinking and manual dexterity (learning to use your hands skilfully)

Gentle Exercise

One hour chair based exercises for all mobility levels to re-energise your whole body to live a more active life. The exercises include resistance bands to tone and strengthen muscles.

Absolute, Absolute Beginners Computer classes

If you have never used a computer and would like to be learn how to then this is the class for you. We have our own personal tutor to support you step by step going at your own pace.


These sessions focuses on improving your mental and physical wellbeing through meditation and gentle movements. This is facilitated by a qualified instructor.

Guest Speakers

This is an open invitation to professionals from all sectors and will happen periodically throughout the year, to those wishing to share, update and inform Hope in Unity service users about their service. This can range from different sectors from The Arts to Health.

Flower Arranging

This is a very social activity which helps to form new relationships, improving mental stimulation, learning new skills and techniques to produce various designs of flower arranging.

Annual holiday

Once a year we go away for 5 days. The holiday also includes 2 day excursions to other places of interest.

Arts & Crafts

Various sessions are undertaken with different facilitators to keep the mind engaged and the fingers nibble.

Candle Making

Services users learn all about the various stages of candle making and the tools required, gaining new skills that can be used in other workshops. We aim to be as sustainable as we can with the ingredients used to produce the candles. Our vessels are recycled ceramic and glass vessels.

Befriending (new service)

To support black elders in the community who are alone and want someone to talk to or just listen. Our aim is to build relationships reaching those who are vulnerable and feel isolated and disconnected supporting them to reconnect reducing social isolation offering support and signposting to relevant services if required.

Some Activities we do together